Alex Mistretta was born in France, grew up in Los Angeles and became an International Man of Mystery somewhere in between. Alex conducted his first Paranormal investigation at age 12 in London, had his first UFO sighting in Los Angeles at age 10, and first rushed out into the woods running towards a loud growl at age 11 in Big Bear.

Alex also became a National and International level Fencer in both Foil and Epee with Olympic aspirations.

Alex played Indoor Volleyball at the Open level, at the University of Illinois Chicago and tried out for the National Team program. He also took his Volleyball game to the Beach where he played on the Mid West Professional tour, had numerous victories in CBVA tournaments and finished his playing days by getting knocked out in the first round at the AVP Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach Open.

Alex was also a Team Handball player, having played for Chicago. He also tried out for the National Team program. Alex was also a practice player on UIC’s Div 1 Basketball Team and a member of UIC’s Div 1 Track team. While at the University of Illinois Chicago, Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Both degrees were specifically created to further his understanding of Paranormal phenomena, Ufology and Cryptozoology.

After school, Alex returned to California were he became a MUFON Investigator, including an original member of Star Team and the Director of Investigations for MUFON Los Angeles for over 10 years. Alex specializes in International Ufos, Underwater Ufos, Cattle Mutilations and investigated the Pine Mountain Landing Case and Trepang Arctic UFO case.

Also a seasoned Paranormal investigator, Alex specializes in Poltergeist cases with Dr Barry Taff, International hauntings, outdoor hauntings and he is an expert in Zombis in Haiti having written to papers while at UIC for Independent studies.

Alex is a professional Cryptozoologist, and a leading voice in Mokele-mbembe, Chipekwe, and Ennedi Tiger research in African cryptozoology. He is an expert in Bigfoots, especially in Eurasian Almastys and Yetis. He is also a leading voice in the mysterious African X. His knowledge and experience extends to South America’s Mono Grande, Mongolia’s Death Worm, among others.

A veteran of several Radio shows and television programs, a aficionado of Skiing and Body Boarding, lover of Super-hero, Horror, Sword and Sorcery and Ninja movies, explorer, writer, researcher, incredibly stubborn individual with questionable social skills, simply an International Man of Mystery.

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