I was driving back from one of the most intriguing Poltergeist cases/UFO case of my career that involved aggressive Poltergeist activity, UFOs and an Alien looking entity that was filmed on a cell phone. I had just left the location and my colleague and friend Dr Barry Taff about 20 minutes before, so it I was still going over the case in my mind. it was raining, raining hard even, a peculiar sight here in Los Angeles when I heard a loud bang within my car. It has hard to place, and I thought maybe I was just mistaken and I hit something on the 10 freeway, but the proximity of the noise and noise level made me wonder. A clue perhaps, I thought?

I entered my apartment and went straight to the kitchen as any self respected first world bachelor would do, head for the fridge. But as I did so, I noticed one of oven top, or whatever you call those round things used specifically to boil water for pasta, was on and the artificial flame was on. A clue perhaps, I thought?

Poltergeist cases were always a little different from traditional hauntings, more violent, more chaotic, and more connected to other paranormal modalities, including the UFO phenomenon. Poltergeists are transient, and does not haunt locations, but people, perhaps even haunts events. It is often of short duration, but can have outbreaks years apart. It travels, and demonstrates itself with loud bangs, crashing sounds, fires, objects being thrown about, objects appearing, objects disappearing, solid lights and even strange entities.

Solid lights or curved lights in 3d space may devisable to the naked eye and invisible to cameras, or vice versa. The later suggests that some of the phenomena occurs outside the visual spectrum, but the former where phenomena is visible but does not appear on film is a lot more intriguing and disturbing. Does this indicate forced hallucinations and manipulation of our visual cortex? If true, are other parts of our brains also vulnerable to manipulation? How can we then trust what we see, eyewitnesses we put so much value on?

Poltergeist cases have a pattern and stages. In fact I suspect that this were the concepts of Infestation, Oppression and Possession in those that prefer the Demonic model originated. Demonic possession is a misdiagnosed model based on dated information. The Poltergeist model is the newer, more accurate model.


Poltergeist events have an Onset where phenomena begin to show itself. It can be after a traumatic event, it can at the onset of adolescence and it can be related to brain chemistry. Dr Barry Taff’s 40 years of work beginning at UCLA and in the field where I joined him on numerous investigations indicate that seizure prone individuals are susceptible to Poltergeist activity. In fact, seizure medication appears to inhibit the phenomenon.

Still, not every adolescent, every seizure prone individual experiences Poltergeist activity. So something else has to be involved. This is where the environment comes in. We still need a Poltergeist conducive environment to ignite the phenomenon. That can be via anomalous electromagnetic areas, or other unusual environmental factors that through a synergistic relationship with Poltergeist prone individuals create paranormal phenomena. But, now the person is charged and carries the phenomenon like a virus wherever that person goes. And it can lie dormant at times and under right conditions, once again cause an affliction.


At some point, all hell breaks loose and the only recognizable pattern is chaos. But, chaos isn’t necessarily entropy, but can simply be our inability to find a pattern. Pattern for the conscious mind is very different from the pattern of an unconscious mind.

Poltergeist event can be very frightening with objects being thrown at you, sometimes with incredible force and speed but with little serious damage to the self. It can also target certain individuals, and the severity of targeting may depend on how the person at the center of the Poltergeist activity feels about the individuals involved. There appears to be a sort of profiling for those that are attacked and those that have an emotional connection to the primary individual.

At this point Poltergeist activity becomes a physical extension of the Freudian ID model, where subconscious desires, tantrums, feelings are expressed physically through paranormal modalities.

This also creates a lot of energy in a form we have yet to identify. But it seems, as the Poltergeist case enfolds, you can catch it by proximity. Meaning, that just like the flu virus, you can take it home where usually mild symptoms such as low bangs in the car, oven turning itself on, can occur. But, just like a virus, the severity may differ from individual to individual, and in time it will diminish.


As I mentioned in time a Poltergeist case will end with diminishing paranormal events. Not always, however. if an environment is conducive enough to sustain activity, it will. The question is how long can the human body and mind sustain itself in such an environment. But, for many the activity will decrease, stop, and may or may not return for another season.


I believe this model for Poltergeist methodology can be used for much larger events as well. Even UFO related events such as the Mothman case in Point Pleasant. If you follow the events, weird sightings, all hell breaks loose, diminishing of events and the spread of events for years in other localities, including in my case I referred to in the beginning of this article, the protocol seem awfully similar to smaller Poltergeist cases.

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