We were back at the entrance of the trail of the cave in the late afternoon. The idea was to film Faye, Cheuk and myself building a tent and discussing what nightfall potentially means for a primate specie such as Bigfoot. Following that segment, we had a little bit of down time, and we checked out some noises we heard in the woods, where clearly some animal was going about, but failed to find the source of the commotion. The concern as it often is in the woods are bears.


One thing that Faye and Cheuk wanted for the show was my take from an anthropological and biological standpoint, and to be quite honest, this was the first time a production crew had ever asked for that. Very often in shows you get fed dialogue and if you don’t scream at air, fall down after tripping on more air, and freak out after seeing yet more air, you don’t get asked back.

I don’t get asked back very often. Alex Mistretta does not fight air molecules. 

In all seriousness, the fact that they wanted a serious approach as well as wanting what I bring to the table, in terms of both field research and the hypothetical, I will be eternally grateful. 

In any case, dusk was dawning and I was hungry. Fortunately, Manuel and Priscilla (not sure on the spelling) were bringing me a Big Mac, and alleged dowloaded Bigfoot vocalizations. Trust me , if you have the option, replace the fries with Bigfoot vocalization, it’s healthier. Faye nicely brought me my Big Mac, while she ate her Nuggets, someone handed me two cokes, and Manuel made sure I found fries nonetheless, and now we were all ready to blast Bigfoot vocalization into the Ohio stygian darkness.

We did, and heard nothing back. We walked into the forest, heard various animal sounds, some clear movements which could have been a number of animals but sadly no Bigfoot showed up to try to eat me. 

At one point, when we were out of the woods, back near where we parked, we could see a car approaching, which was unusual since we had barely seen anyone all day. My first thought was, white trash serial killer with a chainsaw, nail clippers and a rubber duck as a necklace. It wasn’t.

It was a police officer wondering what we were doing here past midnight . He was very nice, and after our explanations and going out of our way not to mentioning Bigfoot, I couldn’t resist asking him about Bigfoot. He deflected the question a little bit, only saying that he had heard of people seeing them out here, but he hadn’t. He said to watch out for bears and mountain lions though. Officially Ohio has no mountain lions, but he assured me, that they had them here. 

Next day, it was off to Hocking Hills.



Before we set out into the forest, I gave a couple of interviews, on Bigfoot, its probable provenance and zoological identity. They also wanted to discuss other subjects I specialize in, which I was not only happy to obliges, but honestly stoked to discuss subjects I’ve struggled to get people interested in, especially in regards to African cryptozoology and specifically Mokele-mbembe. We also discussed my study of Haitian Zombis and the cultural and pharmaceutical aspect of the Zombi powder, which ironically came about after the University of Illinois/Chicago said no to a Bigfoot study. 

GETTING INTERVIEWED ( and maybe flexing a little bit)

it was time to head back into the woods.

It was calm for a long while, with an loud quietness you only get in places untouched by cell phone reception. We once again blasted the Bigfoot vocalizations from the Sierras, using cell phones,…. so huh yeah, ruining my preceding sentence.

And then downhill from us, we heard a undefined noise, perhaps vocal, perhaps just the sound of movement, and Cheuk and I saw it. A lone figure, moving between two trees, seemingly upright. It was gettting dark, and at 70 feet away, features were blurry, but I can say with %100 certainty that something large had moved between two trees. I had, and still have, no idea what it was. I moved 20 feet closer. I stood still for five minutes.


In real life, you don’t run at full speed after a sighting, because if it is the thing you are looking for, it will run, it will take off. In its environment, you will always lose. And, if it is a bear or another predator. It can be perceived as a sign of threat, and in its environment, you wll always lose. 

So, slowly I moved a few feet closer, waited and moved a little closer. By now I had not seen it since my initial viewing, and it was quiet, and I was beginning to think that whatever it was. was long gone. Could it have been a Bigfoot? Or, more likely a bear that stood up briefly to check us out, took a couple of steps and went back on all four? Something else.  Honestly, I have no idea.

At this point, I was quite a bit away from the rest of the team, and I noticed some commotion up there and heard them calling my name.. Their safety comes first, no matter what, so I ran back up. On the otherside of them, was quite a bit of noise, footsteps, from one or more animals. I couldn’t see what was there.  Unfortunatly, nothing further was seen visually. Even with the lights of the camera, the flashlighst, it was to dark, and to a certain extent when our lights were directed towards the noise, the noise would stop.

I didn’t actually notice the “figure” in it until the next day. My first thought was that this was an inanimate object, log perhaps. But, just in case, and honestly, it’s hard to tell, from just a still picture, I thought it was worth looking further into. Ben Robinson-asep, an excellent paranormal investigator, generously volunteered to analyze it and run it through several analysis apps and tools. Here are his results, ” I was able to confirm that the photo had not been altered and was taken with a Samsung camera…I did not notice any changes made to the original photo. I also ran it through some forensic analysis tools and filters. All of which concurred with each other that there are no anomalies found. Additionally, I rant it through a thermal image filter as well. The end result being that I cold not find anything in the photo that had a heat signature that stood out other than the sky poking through the forest ceiling.”

So, my guess based on the analysis, is that the picture was most likely a structure that was already there, or something very different to Bigfoot. Now, this is a very different matter from the sighting we had, which while at the same spot and occurred a few minutes after I took the picture. We clearly saw something moving through the trees.

When we got back to the car, things got a little weird. I believe Faye was the first to hear it. Coming from down towards where we had the sighting were howls. It sounded canine however, but didn’t quite sound like coyotes, more like dogs, but with quite a bit of range to the pitch.. It was loud and aggressive, and seemed to respond to my yells. But, that could have just been a matter of timing.

It went on for a few minutes, when the crew started shouting about something in the sky. There was a bright object moving forward but in a zigg zagg pattern, even quickly doubling back a couple of times on its flght path.  Then it was gone, and the whole thing was over. 

I hate that feeling you get after a investigative trip or expedition; this empty feeling of not quite knowing what to do now. I use to get that from Volleyball and Fencing when coming back from big competitions, or from a ski trip, from a few days of body boarding or whatever.  The let down, the come back to the four walls of your apartment and the contemplation of the mundane is always rough. Fortunately, the next day was my God-daughter soccer game, which is always my favorite part of the week.

So maybe I saw Bigfoot, maybe I didn’t it. I saw a UFO, and, I made friends I would work with anywhere at any time.

Either way, I’ve plans for Bigfoot, and the Yeti, and it’s Russian and African counterparts the Almasty and X, among others. I’ve got goals far away from Ohio, and hopefully, always come back to see a certain little girl continue to score her goals. 

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