“I saw clearly a luminous globe, which moved from the east to the west, gliding slowly and majestically through space”, said Monsignor John Quaresma. Another witness described the event this way: “It was not the sun,,,.it was a huge disc that moved in front of the sun”.

(There has been some controversy about whether these pics were actually taken in 1917 in Fatima.)

The preceding points to a seemingly routine UFO sighting. The kind I’ve receive a dozen times. Yet, the object photographed here was anything but routine, because the year was 1917 and the world was at war, and in Fatima, Portugal, 70 thousand people were standing in a field, awaiting a Marian apparition, and watching the sun dance in the sky.


The miracle of the sun as the event described above would eventually be known, manifested on October 13, 1917.  The last day that the “Lady” appeared in Fatima. She had promised a miracle on that very day.  The apparitions themselves began six months earlier on the 13 of May to three local Children.  Lucia dos Santos age 10 and her two cousins Francisco Marto and his sister Jacinta, the youngest by two years.  They were tending to their sheep in an area near Fatima called Cova da Iria when Lucia noticed a couple of flashes in the sky.  The weather was promising and there was not a single cloud in the sky, but Lucia cautiously thought that perhaps the weather was turning and that they should head back home. She felt uneasy, and recalled how she had once seen a pretty white cloud that had tried to look like a person.

Today Francisco and Jacinta were also uneasy, as they also noticed the flashes in the sky. They were ready to head back to Fatima, when by an oak tree a lady appeared. Four feet in height, dressed in white with dark black eyes she was illuminated by a very bright light. When she spoke, she told them not to be afraid and that she was from heaven.

Lucia, the leader of the three asked the lady why she was here. She simply told them that she would appear every 13th of every month for the next six months. She told them to pray the rosary daily and that, sadly, they would have to suffer greatly for the sins of the world.  A month later on June 13th she appeared as promised and informed Lucia that she would be taking Jacinta and Francisco to heaven very soon. A prophecy fulfilled two years later when Jacinta and Francisco both died of the Spanish flu, an epidemic that was sweeping Europe at the time.

Having heard about the May apparition, a small number of villagers came to see the lady. They initially saw nothing, but heard a murmur. Voices from far away was the way they described it, and when the lady disappeared, a cloud rose up above the oak tree, seen by all and heading east.

By July 13th over three thousand people were now at Cova da Iria, expecting a vision. Again the lady could only be seen by the children, but a strange humming could be heard by all and a large clap like thunder shook the ground.  This was the day the lady gave the children what she called the three secrets.

The first was a rather stereotypical vision of hell, with demons, fire and burning souls. A warning of what may befall the world.

The second was a plea for Russia to be consecrated to “My Immaculate Heart” .  Otherwise another great war will erupt. She also went on to say that before this happens a great unknown light will be seen in the sky. It will be a sign of upcoming war and that God is about to punish the world for its sins.  A message that she repeated on following visits.

The third secret, Lucia insisted was not to be revealed right away. She also insisted that perhaps it would be best to wait until 1960, for the secret to be better understood across the world. The third secret written down by Lucia in the 1940’s became the most heavily guarded document at the Vatican. Hints were given through out the years, and then subsequently denied.

The hints usually were of an apocalyptic nature, and mentioned a great danger to the faith and to the world.  In any case, the third secret, or a version of it, was revealed by the Vatican in 2000. The official statement stated that the third Secret was a warning against persecution of the Church. Quite honestly not much else was revealed, and disappointment echoed around the world.

A discussion on the veracity of the Vatican’s revelation and the behind the scene intrigue associated with it, is beyond the scope of this article, which after all is about Fatima, Marian apparitions and UFOs.  The Vatican is the Vatican, and 2000 years of agenda and political intrigue cannot be summarized right here, right now. But make no mistake about it, Fatima is about a lot more then just Fatima. Which brings us to October 13, 1917;  the day the “Lady” promised a miracle.


A scientist from nearby Coimbra University,named Almeida Garret was among the 70,000 people present that day.  He himself never saw the actual apparition, instead witnessed a bluish column of smoke.

This is how he described what happened next:”It was raining hard, and the rain trickled down everyone’s clothes.  Suddenly, the sun shone through the dense cloud which covered it;  everybody looked in its direction.  It looked like a disc, of a very definite contour.  It was not dazzling. I don’t think that it could be compared to a dull silver disk, as someone said later in Fatima. No. It rather possessed a clear, changing brightness, which one could compare to a pearl.  It looked like a polished wheel. This is not poetry. My eyes have seen it.  This clear shaped disk suddenly began turning.  It rotated with increasing speed.  Suddenly, the crowd began crying with anguish.  The sun, revolving all the time, began falling towards the earth, reddish and bloody, threatening to crush everyone under its fiery weight”.

The correlation between Marian apparitions and “miracles of the sun” is not solely relegated to Fatima, and pattern does emerge. It seemed like a shiny wheel separated from the sun and headed towards earth,… and some sort of shinning balloons began to emerge from the sun… This last statement is not from Fatima, but from Medjugorje, Croatia in 1981, and was another miracle promised by a “lady” claiming to be the mother of God.

Since 1917, there has been hundreds of Marian apparitions worldwide, with various degrees of eyewitness reliability. Many, involving unusual cloud movement, unusual movement of the sun with strange disks seen before and after an apparition. The messages are also interesting as they often involve warnings of doom, war and destruction. The same messages often given to individuals who claim to have been in contact with aliens.
One of the modern cases reminiscent of Fatima occurred in north eastern Brazil. April of 1994, a luminous figure appears to Jose Ernani dos Santos, who was at the time praying. The figure announces that she would appear again in the first days of September and October.

Word spread quickly and an estimated three thousand arrived on September 1st to witness the apparition and a unnatural darkening of the sun. One witness, who was also a UFO investigator described seeing a cloud in the sky that was emitting multicolored light in all direction, and how the top of the trees were illuminated by the lights.

Another sign was promised for the following month. This time, a crowd of over five thousand believers and a handful of scientists, members of the Brazilian UFO Research Center, came together on October 1st. At around two in the afternoon while Jose Ernani was praying, two large clouds moved rapidly towards the sun, in effect darkening the sun. One of the scientist, Reginaldo de Athayde mentioned that there seem to be a large amount of static electricity in the air.

As people were crying, praying and falling to their knees, a silver disk appeared briefly before the cloud.  By this time Jose Ernani was is a trance, apparently receiving a message from the “Holy Virgin”.  The disk disappeared briefly only to reappeared  next to the sun. It was described at about the size of the full moon. It disappeared once again and all was silent, until someone shouted “look at the beads of the Virgin’s rosary”  It the sky was four metallic looking discs.  Three were line up in a row, and a fourth was off to the side slightly obscured by a cloud.

Tears of the Virgin someone yelled at the disks. Others found in hard to differentiate these disks from standard what many call UFOs. This dichotomous view goes way beyond Fatima and Brazil. Arguing about what constitutes a religious event and what constitutes a paranormal/UFO event is missing the point in my opinion. What may be of more importance is that regardless of the event, we are dealing with the same source. Whatever this source may be, it appears to have a very unique way of communicating.  A code that we have yet to decipher.


Perception is a tricky thing. It can be awfully deceiving and influenced by others, especially a mass crowd. Multiple hallucinations (which is very different to Mass Hysteria by the way), and contrary to popular belief, do not exist. Hallucinations are a very personal thing, but the description and rationalization of an hallucination, or the description of an extraordinary event such as a mass UFO sighting can absolutely be homogenized. This is something I’ll address in a future article.

Also, it has to be remembered that the further back in time you go with a case or an event, the harder it is to be sure of the data pertaining to it is 100% accurate. Even reputable media sources, historians and so forth are not immune to been fooled. Often, inaccurate data is taken at face value and repeated over an over, sometimes with some slight additions or deviations. This is the unfortunate nature of history. That has to be kept in mind when discussing this case.

Thus, is the nature of the Trickster.

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