Skinwalker Ranch is what happens when culture and history interacts with electromagnetic anomalies directed by an “Alien” intelligence, and then independently evolves, radiates out, incorporates new cultural modalities and expresses itself in archetypes.


There was this small place on the reservation, where you could get lunch, snacks, supplies and alcohol., and aside from the bowling alley/restaurant, this was pretty much the only place to eat in Fort Duchesne. It was family own, worked by a mom and her daughters, and they were the only non Native Americans that we encountered on the reservation. 

This place was perhaps a couple miles from the Ranch itself, and as we learned quickly the phenomenon extended way beyond the borders of the Ranch. Everywhere we went, everywhere we stopped, we asked the same questions, have you guy experienced anything unusual? The answers were always the same. No. At least t first.

Then a minute later, they would look at us and say well, and it would all come out, UFOs, phantom voices and phantom dogs, and giant coyotes and……The number of individuals that have experienced something strange near the Ranch andmilesg from it was staggering .

One of the daughters was a young girl of about 14 or 15 years of age and she was one of the first to tell her story. She was home and lived on the Rez, and she was in the bedroom portion of her trailer with one of her friends when they heard noises on the side of the trailer.

In horror film fashion, it seemed something was scrapping the side of the trailer from one end to the other. Then, the noise came inside. Startled, she looked into the main living area and she noticed a shadow in the reflection of the turned off television set. The shadow was in the kitchen and appeared to be aware of them. It tried to hide it seemed, by pressing itself against the wall and staying still. She described as all black, looking like a person, but with no features.

They ran outside, and immediately called the Bureau of Indian Affairs. They have jurisdiction on the reservation. They arrived quickly and the girls now outside told them their story and what was inside. The officers didn’t laugh it off, on the contrary they said that they get these calls every once in a while, calls about Shadow People he called it. They told the girls to remain outside, and preceded to unholster their guns and went in. But, whatever it was, was gone.

Like all phenomena near the Ranch, it wants be seen but not be seen. It’s transient yet permanent , and it is constant yet always changing, and this was just a small part of what we learned in-between Skinwalker Ranch and Dark Canyon.

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