EVE’S CHILDREN, Faeries, Elves and the Modern UFO Phenomenon.


In 2010, Arni Jhonsen, a former member of Iceland’s parliament flipped his car over on a winter road. He claimed to have been saved by Elves. Elves in Iceland fall somewhere between Hakarl, fermented shark and the great sport of Team Handball. All three represent a different cultural aspect of Icelandic life. Elves are obviously the more controversial of the three and the consensus on what they represent and whether they exist or not is a matter of discussing in Iceland, if not a little sensitive for many Icelandic citizens.

Some believe Elves represent the power of nature, or a folk memory of a long lost people or a bona fide supernatural presence.


Similar incidents have occurred in Mexico’s UFO hotspot, the Zone of Silence where stranded motorists claim to have been helped by strange individuals,described as tall and blond, that appear seemingly out of nowhere and just as quickly vanish. These alleged tall blond individual have been part of UFO lore for generations, and feature on many occasions in stories from this area. As with Icelandic Elves, they are seen on the side of the road in remote areas. Elves are associated with certain rock formations, large boulders where mythology places gateways to other realms. The beings in Mexico have no such correlation, and are usually associated with the general strangeness of the Zone and the unusual electromagnetic anomalies there, the unique mutations in wildlife and of the course the endless stories of UFOs. It may all just be a case of guilty by association, but I suspect that the unusual electromagnetic properties of the Zone plays a big part in this mystery. Iceland’s Elves, being also associated with rock formation and boulders may also be indicative of unusual magnetic anomalies, since rocks play a big part in that scenario.

Contrary to popular belief, Elves in Iceland aren’t always represented as very different from Homo sapiens. They can be quite tall and similar to the mysterious being described in the Zone of Silence. As it’s often the case when mythology encounters real life and bona fide paranormal modalities, the perception and cultural tie of witnesses very much influence the perception of events but even what is objectively seen. I suspect even my own encounter with “The Girl That Wasn’t There”, falls within this paradigm. The only difference is that I was able to photograph here, as you can see below.


If you want the more traditional depiction of Elves, or at least the more standard European version, faeries, you have to head to England where the link between Faeries, Elves and the modern UFO phenomenon becomes a little too obvious.

There are several origin stories for Elves and Faeries, assuming we’re dealing with regional differences and that they represent the same modality. One origin is that they are the children of Eve that she decided to hide from God. regardless of origin, the belief in small hidden beings date back to antiquity and is ubiquitous belief around the world. Argentina however takes things to another level, where a certain version are called by the unfortunate name “Negroes of the Water”. I’ll just leave that where it is and back away.

A few hundred years ago, especially in England, Faeries and the small people of the forrest were routinely “encountered” in the forest, or, and, at the very least you could come across circular Faery rings. Encounters could result in abductions, where you could be taken into their world.

As a result, you could be missing for hours, days with no memory of what happened. In today’s modern Ufology we call this ‘Missing Time” or “Alien Abductions’ where the methodology of events is very much the same, but the visuals and interpretation take on a very modern context.

In Brazil the abduction phenomenon even took a more violent turn where abductions were conducted by force, sometimes by these machines called Chupa Chupa. In several famous cases of the 1970’s the abductees remembered being taken, sometimes burned, sometime grabbed by chains, but had no memory of where they went, and what happened during the hours or days they would go missing.

Furthermore, Faeries and Elves could also take your baby and replace it with one of theirs, a changeling if you will. Again, this somewhat mirrors belief systems in modern Ufology, with claims of Alien babies and hybrids that the human abducted mother was selected for.

Yorkshire has a long history of mysterious places such as Ilkley Moor, Faery lore and UFO sightings, and in 1987 it all collided with the picture below taken by former Police officer Philip Spencer. Spencer told a tale of Abduction, Aliens, Ufo sightings and the picture he took that he feels represents an Alien. I have no idea, what’s real and what is not in this case, and I have no idea what the picture represents. I haven’t spend enough time on this case to make an educated hypothesis on the Alien scenario, on the claim of a hoax, or if the picture represent something else entirely. I will only say, that Ilkley Moor is worthy of much further investigation, regardless of what the picture represents.


Important links, connections sometime lie within a belief system, and not necessarily in the realm of objective reality. The point is, whatever the modern UFO phenomenon turns to be, it has always been here. It is not static, its’s too smart for that. It changes with the time What were once gods, became Faeries and Elves when it became to dangerous to believe in gods.

The ancients saw gods, Ezekiel saw angels, the middle ages saw Faeries, the 1950 UFO contactees saw science fiction like flying saucers, and today the Grays.

One really interesting aspect of all this that we don’t talking about enough are ‘The Machine Elves” Machine Elves is a term used to describe the entities one sees under the influence of DMT. DMT is a potent hallucinogenic drug that has studies in scientific experimentations, but is better known as a cultural drug for spiritual purposes by numerous cultures. Ayahuasca is but one well known version of it.

In any case, the Machine Elves encountered during DMT trips, pictured below, resembles the typical Alien Gray and the trip sometimes resembles the Alien Abduction scenario right down to being experimented upon while lying on a table. That cannot be a coincidence.

We know, that the modern UFO phenomenon has an objective nuts and bolt quality to it, and certainly from cave paintings to recent official government revelations, a consistent pattern of what UFOs look like, with a few variations. This means that the hard evidence is there. It’s tangible. It’s obtainable.

On the other hand we have this discrepancy with how close encounters enfold. This implies that close encounters, at least take place in an alternate state where our expectations and biases can be manipulated and used as a tool for communication. Ergo, can we ever truly trust those accounts and can we take them at face value? Even when the events are absolutely real, the information can be problematic. Fortunately we do have an objective component to fall back on, and the rest is just a matter of translation.

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