Site N-4 was the official Saudi name for a missile base in the middle of the Arabian desert where China and Saudi Arabia met to complete a missile sale, ultimately discovered American intelligence agencies (Blum, 1988). Before all that though, work on this mountain dressed up as a base went on as usual. At least, what stands for usual at any semi-secret military location in a land where modern sociopolitical modalities are tainted by ancient mythologies.

So, on a day like any other, one of the Filipino workers took his usual lunch break from clearing the summit for the installation of radar arrays. But, on this day, he failed to return from his break.

The Saudi security team was concerned. This is the kingdom after all, and this is a top secret installation, and thoughts of Israeli spies were never far from the mind of the Saudi security. Or, simply he may have just fallen over the side of the mountain. Either way, they were unable to locate him. Assuming he was dead or gone, they left it up to the desert or Allah.

The next day, in the middle of the afternoon he returned. Physically unharmed but in shock, unwilling to reveal where he had been for the last 24 hours. One of the site supervisor, eventually managed to get the worker to tell his story. The worker explained that he decided to take a walk around the mountain until he found a cave. He walked in and explained that he was held prisoner for 24 hours within this cave. Who kept you prisoner asked the supervisor, a little concerned at this point I assume? A Ghost, replied the worker. A Ghost that talked and sang to me, but would not let me go.

At first this may seem like a very unlikely scenario, and granted verification is problematic. The source for this however is New York Times investigative reporter Howard Blum, and that does carry some weight. I did try through my contacts at the Rand Corporation to get more info on the story and site, but I was unable to.

This would not be the only time a supernatural presence was felt here in this cave on this mountain. Years later, when apparently the base was semi decommissioned and had just a handful of guards patrolling the mountain, millionaire and later Republican nominee to the United States Senate for Montana Larry R. Williams and Bob Cornuke a former SWAT leader managed to not get caught and make their way onto the mountain.

The mountain was surrounded by a chain fence. It was by no means the most heavily fortified base, but again its heyday was in the past it seems, and in the middle of a desert in a nation you have to be invited into. What was curious though is that at the base of the mountain was an un-excavated archeological site, with petroglyphs of animals, including domesticated ones and stones that appeared to have been modified and what looked like pillars. This confirmed to them, their hypothesis of what this place really was. You can see actually photos from the site here.

In any case, they eventually reached the top and in order to avoid getting caught by two guards that were patrolling the summit, they had to hide. They found a cave.

They never fully revealed, as far as I’m aware, the full extent of what they saw in the cave and heard, but they had no desire to return there. They felt a supernatural presence they claim, heard unexplained noises including what sounded like music, and they felt an uncomfortable presence they had no explanation for. The thing is, the cave wasn’t what they were here for. They were here for gold, the Gold of Exodus They had a hypothesis, that this mountain wasn’t just another mountain randomly chosen by the Saudi military. They believed that this mountain called Jabal Al Lawz was the real Mt Sinai, where Moses met God in a mysterious cave.

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